Does your cat like Christmas decorations more than you?

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Does your cat like Christmas decorations more than you?

Is your cat obsessed with Christmas? Or should I say the Christmas tree….

Whilst it’s great that your cat is in the jolly Christmas spirit, playing around with the tree and the surrounding decorations can be very dangerous for your pet. Your curious kitty could end up toppled under the tree, and fortunately cats have nine lives, but let’s not test that - especially around Christmas.

Put yourself in your cat’s fluffy paws, imagine seeing a large tree with dangly props and flashing lights… that sounds like the perfect jungle gym!


Not only is the tree toppling over a serious hazard for your cat, but also the real spikes from the pine trees can stick in their fur and whiskers. Not only can the spikes pierce your cat from the outside, but also from the inside when digested. Similar to this, the tinsel decorations on your tree can seriously upset their tummies too.

So how can we have Christmas with our CAT and our TREE?

  1. Stick to artificial trees 

Artificial trees are less hazardous for your cat. The spikes are a lot softer than real tree spikes. Also if you get a real tree that contains sap, it is likely to be poisonous for your cat. So real trees, are big NO NOs!

  1. Solid, heavy base

Pick an artificial tree with a solid base with pre-made anchor stands. If the tree you’ve been eyeing for the Christmas holidays doesn’t have a solid base, you can make one from thick buckets filled with sand. A firm base ensures the security of your tree if your cat decides to take the LUNGE. 

  1. Far from Fragile

Position your Christmas tree away from any fragile valuables or electronics. Should the tree fall during a spontaneous feline attack, it won’t damage anything on its way down #TimberOnTimber.

  1. Electrical wires

Make sure there are no exposed wires for your cat to chew, swat or play with. Tuck all wires behind the tree and out of sight. Electrical tape is a great solution to cover up the wires and tape them to the floor.

  1. Distract the Cat!

If after all your efforts, your Christmas decorations are still your cat’s daily fix, distract them with alternate toys that require their full attention, such as laser toys, play circuits and cat charmers.


Christmas time should be about family and relaxation, so make sure both your decorations and your furry friend are safe and remain intact these Christmas holidays.