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MultiPlus naturally improves your pet’s health and boosts their immunity with key vitamins and minerals in one easy daily dose. In the same way we need a daily multivitamin to improve our overall health and wellbeing, so do our pets. MultiPlus boosts immunity and improves overall wellness.

Important Points:

  • Appropriate for both Dogs and Cats
  • Daily multivitamin
  • Wellness & vitality
  • 100% Natural
  • Made in Australia
  • Vet Approved
  • Active ingredients include green lipped mussel, rosehip, turmeric and piperine
  • Tub size is 70g


How to use:

MultiPlus is a convenient & easy to use powder. Simply add the recommended dose, based on the pet’s weight, into their food daily. 

View the chart below to see what the dosage rate would be for your pet, calculated by weight.