Since the day we started, TotalPet wanted to stick to one simple promise - to make sure our furry friends have the highest quality nutritional supplements for their optimal health and wellbeing. 

TotalPet is Australia’s first ‘total’ holistic solution for both dogs and cats, ensuring a healthier, longer life for your four-legged best friend. Nothing artificial, no nasties, no additives, just ethically sourced, natural ingredients that help your pets thrive.

8 products, 8 new ways to improve your pets health. They take care of you, and we help you take care of them.

Our TotalPet Pals

Moet, 14

Our senior TotalPet Pal Moet is 14 years old and loves his #SeniorDaily ! SeniorDaily is the perfect natural immunity booster to give your pet back that bounce in their step.⁠

Blackie, 1

Our TotalPet Pal Blackie is loving his ComfyCoat!⁠ Get your pet’s fur shiny and soft with our natural supplements. ⁠

Bailey, 1

@baileybear_the_golden is excited to get her paws on some TotalPet products and you should be too! 

Ellie, 7

Thanks to @thenakedpom for sharing this gorgeous pic of our special TotalPet Pal Ellie, feeling nice and CHILL’d after her daily dose of ChillOut.

Samba, 6

Our TotalPet Pal Samba is loving his ComfyCoat and AllergyShield!

Brutus, 10

Our TotalPet Pal Brutus is LOVING his MultiPlus!⁠

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